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Premium Details, Dry Imprint, Haiti Motto On Collar, Team's Shield 3D Patch, Heat Branded With Imprinted Symbol.

Regular Athletic Fit. Soft, Lightweight Fabric.

SOLAR PROTECTION: UPF-30-50 Sunscreen Technology That Absorbs UVB Rays To Protect The Skin From Possible Damage Caused By Ultraviolet Rays.

S-DRIED, QUICK DRY: This Technology Allows The Fabric To Absorb Sweat From The Body And Distribute It For Faster Drying, Keeping The Athlete Comfortable During Physical Activity.

ODOR PROTECTION: Prevents Bad Odors. L-DRY Sweat Absorption And Quick Drying.


Authentic Football Jersey "Les Grenadiers" - Exact Jersey Used By The Players.

    Maillot de Football Authentique "Les Grenadiers" - Maillot Exact Utilisé Par Les Joueurs.